putting the farm to bed…summertime

Between the dusk of a summer night,and the dawn of a summer day, a place where “plenty to do” and “nothing to do” intersect…sitting out on the front porch with the tired dogs, lemon-aide, and candles burning…I notice the breeze rippling across through the hay-field next to me, catch the just-distant-enough sound of children laughing. And I realize that, without trying, I’ve shifted into a lower gear. Maybe,as I begin to remember summers of my childhood of us kids all sitting close in the dark, talking,laughing, catching fireflies, hoping, silently the night doesn’t end…wanting this closeness and sheer happiness never to end…to bottle the enchanting, delicious summer nights…simple and luxurious all at once.
This felt like a chance to share something I found so wonderful..summer and childhood. My siblings are spread all over now…hope they are enjoying this summer night.
I should be getting the animals set for the night, I gather grain, the water hose, a wheel barrow of hay, and the tired dogs…it was a hot one…and everyone is drinking in the cool dew and night breezes, relaxing, chewing their cud, or scratching in the grass…
After the minor excitement of the nightly chores; a calm hush seemed to come over our little farm…maybe one last dunk in the pool and call it a day.


Good night Finn…

just waiting for a crackling fire…


today’s final burst of joyful energy…

full tummy before bed..

spectacular summer night.

I hope you had a wonderful summer night.
Be well,

4 thoughts on “putting the farm to bed…summertime

  1. I absolutely love your blog. I pop in and out of it while at my desk job, it’s my mini vacation and an inspiration. Keep em’ coming.

    Thank you,


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