Come on let’s go see what’s out there!!

I long to travel….perhaps Europe first…I ‘ll start with France…to give my heart and soul a new beginning….that’s what I see in travel. To see, experience, taste, anew…To meet new people with their different cultures…visit their gardens and take in all that is out there….

Just you and your whim…

We all may yearn for travel for different reasons; maybe we want to see the world, see something different, see something change, the new, the exciting, the different, and the adventure ….

Pure anticipation…wondering…then you find yourself having dinner with six new and interesting people.

I always find my self wondering….”Where does this lead….what is behind there?” Hoping it’s a lovely garden…

It’s seeing new sights, hearing new music, and meeting new people—that I find exciting and exhilarating.

….find the beauty everywhere…even if it’s just around the corner…

Perhaps, it is going somewhere different ~ interesting, intriguing, and inviting….that keeps me longing to travel.

Could this be our collective wish?

Beauty…..set in stone…

This is what life is about. we see wonderful sights, hear wonderful sounds, meet wonderful people … and be happy to return home.

It’s all about the journey; to see life around me from a different perspective….children do it naturally everyday….I have to train myself . i think.

I suppose there is some irony here; designed to keep me out…yet intrigues me enough to wan to go in…

I hope to travel with those I cherish; eager to see the photos we took and hear about the friends we made. When we travel with the eyes and ears of of loved ones.

I hope that you too can find beauty in the everyday….When I do get to Europe you’ll be the first to know!

Be Well,

2 thoughts on “Come on let’s go see what’s out there!!

  1. What beautiful pictures! I like to try to look at the world as a child would – with awe and wonder. I also like capturing beautiful/interesting things. I see that you do too!


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