>Our New ~ Old Barn…well, eventually…


We need a barn, plain and simple. Although, as you may know, if you live on a farm money can be a scarce commodity… We were lucky enough to come across a couple of old 2 story barns; in various states of disrepair. I am not quite sure we aren’t crazy…but, we are dismantling, moving, redesigning, and then rebuilding the barns here at Misty Maples Farm…all by ourselves (we are even going to use the old tin).
Our new barn from reclaimed materials… I have to admit, I am a little excited!
 I am also a little apprehensive about the amount of work involved…now, we aren’t new to the idea of re-purposing; our farmhouse (circa 1860) was nearly an entire redo in which we took advantage of  reclaimed materials.
 I have so many ideas, I hope the barn is big enough to hold them all.  

Day one…the fallen barn

just look at all of that tin…here goes nothin’

a little more than half the tin is off…this is just before I fell through..one of the  boards gave way…I was lucky ; a  few bruises and scratches…

tin’s off..now to start removing some of the boards

I wonder how much wood will be salvageable….’cause I have plans!

enough for one afternoon.

oh, the possibilities..

patina, only mother nature and  real age can give….

I love this…

wondering…who looked out at the rolling hills from this window…?
I can almost see one of our llamas looking out over the pasture, gardens, and our family at Misty Maples Farm; soon….soon.
Enjoy your day, Be well.

2 thoughts on “>Our New ~ Old Barn…well, eventually…

  1. >Wow! Old barns – my absolute favorite thing in the whole wide world! Moving an old barn was always my dream after our old barn (was caving in when we bought this place)collapsed due to no one replacing the roof for decades. I have a zillion books on old barns if you ever want recommendations. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford to buy, dismantle, and move an old barn…but, when our old one collapsed I salvaged everything I possibly could. Some was built into the new barn and some put in our house. I envy you! Enjoy the journey!!!Teri


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