>A flood of sunshine on a cloudy day…


This week has been a lesson in ups and downs; It all began with a beautiful wedding full with family and joy…a day later; a cherished and much loved  llama , who  had  just given birth to a tremendous cria not 4 weeks ago ~ came down with an illness that has the potential to cripple her and or take her life if not caught in the early stages of its manifestation. With a fairly rigorous treatment underway…here is HOPE!  2 days later; my mother was hospitalized, (she is stable) kept for observation and diagnostics…There is HOPE…and the sweet fragrance of FAITH.
I am grateful for the refuge I find on our small farm; a place where I can recharge in  the tranquil, unruffled  landscape of my vegetable and flower gardens.

The gardens provide more than fresh bountiful flowers and veggies…
I find spirituality in my garden, like a flood of sunshine on a cloudy  day…

I don’t know how, or when it happens….

But,yet again, I wouldn’t want it another way….

Although, I don’t have to tell you, if you are a gardener…

In every childhood, there should be a garden, an enchanted place, the air softer and more  fragrant than ever again ~~
I think the little ones in the neighborhood will enjoy this tepee when it is fully covered in bean foliage.

The unmulched garden looks to me like some naked thing which for one reason or another would be better off with a few clothes on.

Weed’em and reap!
I guess, every good gardener always started as a good weeder….

Where flowers bloom so does HOPE!

The best is yet to be…(Browning)

Garden is weeded, pruned , and thinned;
Now, I think I’ll stay awhile, sip my tea, and wiggle my toes in the cool grass.
Enjoy YOUR Day!

I would love to know your thoughts; leave a note to share !

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